WhatsApp data of 500 million users at risk! India is at risk! See all that are affected

WhatsApp data of nearly 500 million users in various countries is at risk. Know all about it here.

WhatsApp is no stranger to anyone with a large smartphone in their pocket. The free messaging app has been loved by everyone and even adopted by businesses all over the world globally. Therefore, WhatsApp is responsible for keeping the data of so many millions of users safe and not in danger. While chats are always encrypted, the data on them is not secure. A new report now shows that a database containing the number of 500 million WhatsApp users was recently for sale on a hacking community forum.

A report from cybernews says that a seller is putting up a database of nearly 500 million WhatsApp users for sale. The database is said to contain 487 million phone numbers that are actively using WhatsApp worldwide. India is also included in this list. The data is not obtained by hacking into WhatsApp servers or through any Cyber ​​attack targeting WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users from many countries at risk

Salesman Who posted details writing that the phone numbers include 32 million users from USA, 11 million users from UK, 10 million users from Russia, 35 million users from Italy, 29 million users from Saudi Arabia and more. The list also contains the data of 6 million users from India who have registered WhatsApp.

The data is collected by hackers through scraping method. This means that all these WhatsApp numbers have been stolen from many other websites that store users’ phone numbers. Seller has confirmed that all numbers listed here are activity related WhatsApp account.

What happens to these users?

All of the phone numbers listed here can become targets for spamming, phishing, identity theft, and other cybercrime activities. Honestly, there’s not much you can do to protect yourself from this data leak but there are some things you can do to keep yourself safe.

The first is that it is not easy to reply to messages from unknown numbers. If you receive a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number asking for details or information, avoid it at all costs. Delete or block it to be safe.

Alternatively, you can go to WhatsApp’s privacy settings and hide your profile picture and profile details from people not on your contact list.

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