Vulnerability not exclusive to women – Timi Dakolo speaks against forcing men to suppress their emotions

Nigerian singer cum songwriter, Timi Dakolo has spoken against forcing men to suppress their emotions.

The singer told people to stop discouraging men from crying. He added that vulnerability is not exclusive to women, so telling a man not to cry when in pain is unhealthy.

Timi Dakolo added that if emotions are suppressed for too long, it could be detrimental to the host. He tweeted:

“The next time you see a man cry,please don’t tell him to stop crying. Don’t throw in “ you are a man, you shouldn’t be seen crying”.

Vulnerability is not exclusive to the women . For emotions are like energy and energy must be expressed, less it kills the host. Strong men cry.”

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls Timi Dakolo updated his vested Instagram followers on the concluding part of his discussion with his daughter, Zoe.

The dutiful father of three who shared screenshots of his conversation with her, where she requested the sum of £150 to go out and enjoy herself, has finally reached an agreement with her.

Dakolo continued from where the conversation ended on Saturday night, revealing that Zoe left him about 30 voice notes and even went as far as questioning his love for her. He had no choice than to come to some sort of agreement with her and shared videos of her, out and about with her older sister, Hallel. He captioned the post:

“Ladies and gentlemen, a continuation from yesterday’s Event with @zoedakolo.

And full agreement has been reached after my love for her was questioned.

Over 30 voice note received.

Zoe: I have been sending you messages and I can see you are online. Not fair daddy.

I am your Zoe special, I don’t feel special.


Ladies and gentlemen, the rest is history.

Who will save me from @zoedakolo ?! #yardpeople.”

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