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King Charles to use same famous red box as mother and grandfather (1/2)

The King is to use the same famous red box as his mother and grandfather after it was carefully restored using techniques handed down through the generations.

It is understood that Charles wanted to repurpose the despatch box owned by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, which itself was first used by her grandfather, King George V, and then her father, King George VI.

The box, which is the first in a series of boxes that will be sent to Charles, has been restored by luxury British leather goods company Barrow Hepburn & Gale.

The famous red boxes made by the firm are used to carry important papers, including those that require a signature, briefing documents and information about forthcoming meetings.

The company, which was first established in 1760, uses specialist techniques to hand clean and condition the existing red leather on any boxes undergoing refurbishment.

In a process known as skiving, the thickness of leather is also carefully reduced by hand using a blade before the leather is carefully applied to the box.

New pieces of leather are also hand burnished to ensure each edge is strengthened and protected.

Photographs of the red box show the lock, which carries a “King George V” stamp.

The box is further embossed with a Coronation crown and also carries King Charles III’s cypher, which was applied in gold leaf using a specially-made brass die.

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