Peta bizarre turkey meme roasted on Twitter

A creepy meme mocking meat eaters and pushing tofu turkey has copped an interesting reaction online after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) put its own spin on a Thanksgiving favourite.

“And some folks still think Tofurky is weird,” Peta tweeted with a disturbing cartoon of two men and a woman feasting on a shocked looking turkey.

The characters pictured are portrayed eagerly getting ready to eat.

“I can’t wait to slurp up the juices!” one male character says in a speech bubble.

“Mmm, she’s so juicy,” another male character says, shown eating a fork full of the bird.

The image is topped off by a woman pouring gravy over the turkey with what can only be described as an ‘evil’ grin.

The perplexing piece of viral marketing dazzled, disturbed and confused people online.

“Weirdos!” one person pointed out.

“People would take you more seriously if you guys didn’t do stuff like this,” another wrote.

“I don’t think PETA is OK,” a second added.

They say any publicity is good publicity, but for most, the post was downright disturbing.

“Peta be out here using Thanksgiving to get their freaky tweets off,” a third wrote.

“This seems weirdly sexual,” another suggested.

“I have never seen a hornier thanksgiving post,” another posted.

“I started eating meat again because of this tweet,” one person joked.

Others were able to see the humour in it.

“Conspiracy theory: PETA is run by meat industry execs who are dedicated to making vegans and vegetarians look as weird as possible,” one joked.

“What a happy family! Good for them,” another added.

If Peta managed to sell you on the idea of ditching the meat and opting for Tofurky – the provider of plant-based versions of meat products – Woolworths sells its products in Australia.

Besides fake turkeys, the producer makes fake chicken, deli slices, burgers, sausages, tempeh and roasts.

Originally published as ‘This seems weirdly sexual’: Peta’s bizarre turkey meme roasted

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