People are just realising you can clip a baby car seat onto a shopping trolley – but trolls are saying the same thing

GETTING out of the house with a baby in tow can be a real challenge for parents, let alone bringing them along to do the weekly food shop. 

We’ve all seen tired mums and dads grappling with grumpy babies and trying to get them comfortable in a little trolley seat. There must be an easier way to carry kids around a superstore – and one savvy mum thinks she’s found it. 

People say the car seat trolley hack is not safe


People say the car seat trolley hack is not safeCredit: Tiktok/@crazyfamily579

It can be a nightmare trying to transfer babies from their car seats into the cold plastic version on a family trolley. If your little one is grisly, there’s a risk of tears and full-on tantrums throughout your grocery shop. 

But a mum-of-five on TikTok has made an incredible discovery which, if you choose to try it, may not disturb your baby at all and make for a very quiet and pleasant shopping experience.

The TikTok star, called Crazyfamily579, popped to her local Tesco to show followers her hack. 

Almost two million people have watched the short clip, in which the mum clips her baby’s car seat on top of the trolley. 

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“Who knew that this Maxi Cosi car seat clips onto the trolley,” the text reads over the video, followed by a series of surprised emojis. 

The mum zooms in on a large, family-sized Tesco trolley, featuring the collapsible plastic seat for children to sit safely in while their parents push them around the store. 

Instead of putting her baby in the little seat, she slots the car seat neatly on top of it. The car seat sits flush against the backrest of the trolley seat, and its metal clips underneath clamp easily onto the metal run at the front of the trolley. 

As a result, the baby sits in its car seat, facing mum as she pushes the trolley. 

The baby’s face is hidden from view – all followers can see is a fluffy pink blanket and a pair of cute, wriggling baby feet. 

Her video has created a big debate, with some saying her technique is dangerous and should not be attempted – it can damage the car seat and make it unusable. 

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“People know you’re not supposed to do that because it can mess up clipping into the base,” exclaimed one user. 

Another agreed: “Perfect example of just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” 

But others are all for the handy hack and had positive feedback for the savvy parent. 

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“The trolley obviously never gets left unattended because there’s a child in it and you can hear the car seat click in so it’s not going anywhere,” explained one viewer. 

“I did it with all of my five kids,” confessed another.

The TikTok mum was amazed by her discovery


The TikTok mum was amazed by her discoveryCredit: Tiktok/@crazyfamily579
Other parents admitted to trying the hack


Other parents admitted to trying the hackCredit: Tiktok/@crazyfamily579

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